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Testimonials from students

Beth has been teaching me piano since around October 2011. I didn't think I would learn and understand how to play and read the music for piano as I'm in my forties and never even looked at an instrument since being at school, and then it was no interest to me because I didn't understand it.

She is very understanding and supportive and always gives praise to boost my confidence even when I think that I'm not doing so well.

I can now play small pieces of music and enjoy playing music like Tarantella and Gavotta which I was surprised at as classical music is not something that I listen to.

I thought I would never be able to play a piece of music but Beth shows me how to slow it down and learn a bar or line at a time until I have got it. Then gradually build it up until you can play how it was written by the composer.

Beth really enjoys teaching and playing the piano and her enthusiasm rubs off on you.

You couldn't find a better person to teach as she is a dedicated, hardworking and compassionate person who believes affectionately in whatever she does.